Lots of strange stuff has been known to occur on FDC MUCK, including the occasional game of "Goblin's Teeth." Must be something in the water.

d00d ( :) ), I finally finished my masterwork! Take a look at CHECKMATE, the new, spectacular game on the MUCK! (No, really.) Jump to #9916 and try it out!

Here are some FDC-topical parodies I wrote, in approximate chronological order. The actual songs did nothing to deserve this. Pocahontas' "Just Around the River Bend" became "Watch the Ticket Price Ascend", "The Christmas Song" became "The Chris-Mouse Song", Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis" became "Walking the Bandwidth", Toto's "Africa" became "FDC", and "The Twelve Days of Christmas" became "The Twelve Days of MUCKmas". Enjoy, if possible.

Other people to blame for the madness which is FDC MUCK include Archimedes, Ariel, Djali, Duchess, Duck, Fleebo, Lucifer, Megavolt, Morgana, and Phillip.