What is it with netfolks and the need to tell everybody in the free world what they're doing, have done, and will (soon) be doing? LiveJournals, WebCams, and, of course, MusicTickers.

Well, I added a MusicTicker to YARK a while back. Here's how. Now you can do the same, you narcissistic bastard.

MusicTicker installation walkthrough


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Woo. I've been gunning to use a few header tags on this site for ages now.

The beast itself might be right here:

If that little thingie up there says that it's powered by MusicTicker, then you're in luck, and you're seeing the real thing. If it says it's powered by YARKbox, well, then, you're seeing a reasonable facsimile. Such is life.

It keeps tabs on the five most recent songs which have played on my PC at work, and uploads a munged version of that list to YARK each time WinAmp's status changes. The setup process can be broken down as follows:

1) Get WinAmp 2) Get the MusicTicker plug-in. 3) Set up your working directory. 4) Install perl. 5) Check for VBScript support. 6) Put the perl script in place. 7) Put the VBScript in place. 8) Put the .bat file in place. 9) Configure the MusicTicker plug-in. 10) #include the resulting file. 11) Try it out. 12) Let me know how it goes.